KOC recently designated Grid as a best practice consulting company for the oil...

As part of several initiatives which were undertaken by KOC management to meet the ambitious 2030 strategy, improving KOC corporate...

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Grid in HBR ‘Ideas with Impact’ Collection:

Overcoming Group Warfare”

by Robert R. Blake and Jane S. Mouton Summary While many people worried about the absence of experienced air traffic...

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Harnessing Culture for Strategic Change

Organizational Capabilities Empower Strategic Change A healthy organizational culture that maximizes strategic change can empower leaders...

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Ethical Reasoning in Business

Corporations are scrambling to jump on the “code of ethics” bandwagon.While it helps to have written standards, ethical behavior is easier to write about than toachieve. To make a difference in employees’ everyday behavior; you have to understandthe different levels of ethical reasoning.

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Breakthrough in Organization Development

Breakthrough in Organization Development”

by R. R. Blake, J. S. Mouton, L. B. Barnes, and L. E. Greiner Originally published 1964 in Harvard Business...

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What is Corporate Culture?

An organization's culture is the sum total of its culture and its leadership’s collective attitudes, values, norms, traditions, precedents, and past practices. Organizational culture is the most powerful force available to help or hinder organizational culture change. Organizational culture influ...

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