John Bakhos, Chairman of Grid International, Inc.

The world is changing before our very eyes, not only the exchange of information, but virtually every aspect of business, social, and personal life. The significance, speed, and duration of these global changes impact us all.

As with other great historic periods of development, those who can lead change and harness its potential will advance greatly. Those who remain reactive, hesitant, or unaware will be left far behind the innovative and more effective competitors. The choice is clear: to become either a participant or a victim.

More than ever before, today's leaders and managers must learn to manage change by creating healthy and effective cultures that support and encourage excellence.

Healthy cultures are characterized by high levels of trust and respect, and are manned by people who respond to challenges, solve problems, create solutions, surface and resolve conflicts, and take initiative as they see the need.

If you are interested in achieving sustainable organizational effectiveness, we can make our experience your experience.

John Bakhos
Grid International, Inc.