Grid Culture Transformation has proven equally effective regardless of the industry, language, religion, or culture. There are few countries and industries where Grid has not been applied. The organization was founded after more than two decades of research followed by a decade of work with Exxon and affiliates worldwide. Grid International continues to have a strong presence in the energy sector, including private and public utility companies worldwide. Grid was involved in the earliest stages of Airline Cockpit Resource Management in the 1970s, working with United Airlines, Japan Airlines, Aeroflot, and many others. Other industries with worldwide applications include health care, hospitality, banking, electricity, fast-moving consumer goods (chocolate, soft drinks, biscuits, etc.), auto and related manufacturing, U.S. government agencies (NASA, military, and forestry to name a few), retail, packaging, chemical refinery, and grocery and related agriculture manufacturing, to name a few.

Grid International assists organizations with culture transformation in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to: airlines, automotive manufacturing, food packaging, grocery & agricultural, medical, oil production, petrochemical.