Leading Culture Transformation

Leading for Change and Transformation

An International Online Workshop for Business Leaders and Key Decision Makers

May 27-29, 2022

“An incomparable perspective on Leadership and Culture”

Rachel McGee
-author of the book The Power to Change

Changing World

Changing Business

Changing Relationships

We understand that, as a leader today, you are no doubt managing disruptions and adversity that are forcing you to shift, if not abandon, what has worked in the past. We can’t help the challenges you face as a leader, but we can prepare you for what’s next.

The best resource you can bring to your leadership role is the ability to distinguish barriers from opportunities on the spot and obtain and/or harness every existing resource you need to meet those challenges. The ‘Leading for Change and Transformation’ (LCT) workshop builds on your best leadership strengths and provides constructive strategies for shoring up weaknesses and building a resilient, enduring culture.

The process will likely be as different for you as the challenges you face now because it is instrument led and instructor monitored/managed. Unlike other training approaches, Grid’s experiential, team-based learning shifts the responsibility for learning, practice, and change into the hands of participants. Within teams, participants initiate, implement, and measure the results of new skills. This level of team involvement and responsibility make the learning self-convincing and long lasting. Self-convincing learning and application are “trial by fire”– the same as the real workplace. You’ll work with leaders like you, facing the same issues and depending on each other’s knowledge and experience to evaluate, apply, and measure highly effective, strategic solutions.

You’ll leave the workshop with in-depth practice in managing challenges through candor skills and deep, peer-centered insight into your leadership behaviors, their impact, and how to realize the best in yourself and others. With this comes a deeper understanding of culture and how to transform your leadership culture into a highly agile force at the ready for anything the new reality of today and tomorrow can throw at you.

“When we embarked on our turnaround process, we quickly identified a number of initiatives that would improve our Results. However, more importantly, we also realised the need to change our business culture and our individual and team behaviours. That is where Grid came in. It was the glue that held everything together and created the
“multiplier” effect that transformed the organisation to make the best use of all its resources. It provides a simple, sustainable and easily adoptable framework that can be used by any organisation. Having
used it and seen the impact, I thoroughly recommend it.”

Robin Moore
Former CEO, Nampak Flexible, South Africa.

Expected Results

■ Learn how to lead with dynamic skills to immediately enhance team culture and output.
■ Experience the immediate effects of culture and how to shape it to improve results.
■ Improve cooperation both inside and outside your team.
■ Enrich your organization culture to deliver higher productivity, creativity, participation and well-being.
■ Gain the confidence to lead any change effort in your organization.

Our experience attempting culture interventions over decades significantly changed post experiencing the Grid framework and workshops. At the highest table, culture is “over discussed” and under acted upon. Grid provides an understandable and actionable framework; without this, culture management remains shallow and hollow. We realized our performing managers and leaders continued to operate out of past laurels.”

Apurva Gandhi, Director & CEO
Mutual Industries Ltd, India

Workshop Objectives

Developing Awareness

■ Use the Grid framework to define a shared view of sound and unsound behavior/culture.
■ Develop an objective understanding of how your behavior impacts others.
■ Generate personal commitment based on genuine consensus.
■ Use critique to inspire involvement, creativity and commitment to producing synergy.

Implementing Change

■ Overcome the doubt and fear of change.
■ Define a strategy for personal and organizational change.
■ Create norms that motivate and inspire excellence.
■ Use critique to achieve continuous improvement and measurement.

Managing Conflict

■ Approach conflict as a positive source of productive energy.
■ Use candor to strengthen the quality of conflict management.
■ Shift focus of conflict management from who’s right to what’s right.
■ Use critique to build resilient relationships based on trust and respectful candor.

Transforming Business Culture

■ Build your confidence in leading business change and transformation.
■ Experience the power of team culture and how you can change it “in real time”.
■ Establish what is the ideal culture for your team or business.
■ Identify key “pain points” in your current culture and develop Action Plans for addressing them.

Workshop Modules

Understanding Grid Theory

Team Performance Task 1: Grid Concepts Test
Recognizing different ways you can work together to achieve results.

Measuring Team Production Effectiveness
Objectively measuring team potential vs. actual performance.

Critique of Teamwork
Learning from the experience of working with others.

Activities on the ‘Leading for Change and Transformation’ (LCT) workshop start with getting you and your team onto the same page – developing a clear, shared understanding of Grid language and concepts. The way this is done will likely be new for you.

As a team, you’ll be responsible for your own process and decision-making and your team performance will be objectively evaluated. You may initially find this to be demanding and challenging… but also quite exhilarating and fun! Take our word for it… you won’t forget the learning from this session!

Applying Grid Theory

Team Performance Task 2: Style Analysis
Identifying Behavioral Styles in the live action setting of a movie.

Measuring Team Production Effectiveness
Objective performance measurement.

Critique of Teamwork
Applying the learning from the earlier experience of working with others.

This module helps you to ‘see the theory in action’ by studying the different ways people evaluate the behaviors of a “shared” event. Being able to improve your own understanding and your team’s decision-making culture ‘on the spot’ requires key, high-level skills that you’ll have the opportunity to develop ‘in real time’ on this activity – building on your earlier learning while preparing yourselves as a team for more challenging, strategic and exciting activities to follow.

Understanding Intergroup Dynamics

Team Collaboration Task
Developing a change strategy for workplace application.

Measuring Team Production Effectiveness
Objective performance measurement : evaluating implementation of learning.

Critique of Teamwork
Taking the learning from the experience of working how you work with others to a deeper level.

In this module, the focus of attention extends beyond your team to take into account the effects of wider organizational dynamics and inter-group cooperation. You and your team experience a higher, more strategic team effectiveness challenge followed by a test of objectivity. The result is a real-time demonstration of how team goals represent a massive opportunity to unleash organizational synergy that benefits all stakeholders.

The Ideal Organizational Culture

Significant Culture Issues Faced by Leaders
Mapping typical organizational culture issues to the Grid framework.

Identifying an Ideal Culture

Is there such a thing as an ideal culture?

Implementing Organizational Change
Defining an ideal culture strategy for improved business results.

The key to understanding and harnessing the forces of culture is to bring them out into the light for objective study. In this module you and your team compare personal experiences and assumptions about different types of organization culture and their impact. These discussions enable you to reach shared agreement and to develop deep convictions about “what’s right”, what’s NOT and why… without being told. Post-activity comparison across teams leads to profound insights and affirming conclusions that will support your effective transformation and culture change efforts, back-on-the-job.

The Impact Of Behavior On Team Results

Exchanging Insights That Motivate Personal Change
Understanding different perspectives and targeting specific impact enhancements.

People are motivated to change when a realistic “here-and-now” understanding of their behavior and its impact replaces self-deception.

This powerful module sees teams apply candor skills that deliver constructive comments in ways that are truly “heard” versus the real-world workplace experience (or any relationship for that matter), where the outcomes of providing feedback may be unpredictable, at best. Each team member gains a comprehensive all-to-one profile of specific behavior and impact on team colleagues and on results, along with specific, recommended improvement steps. Typically highlighted as a profound value of the workshop, the learning gained on this activity has the power to redefine one’s career trajectory.

Making Change Happen

Implementing Change
Personal Improvement Strategy.

Data Analysis and Workshop Outcomes Summary
Summary of Results.

As the LCT workshop draws to a close, a dedicated session pulls together the various strands of your team experiences and exploration of culture so that you can make informed decisions about your own leadership and organization culture options. This culminates with your own Personal Action Plan, critiqued by your team colleagues for additional value, impact, options and significance.

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Fees for the five-day workshop which include Prework and Workshop digital materials.

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