Thomas Lindenberg

Experience and Passionate Sailor


Thomas has been on board since 1999 and a partner of GRID International since 2007. He continues with verve the work that Dr. Emil Lux, a great visionary and successful entrepreneur from Europe, started back in 1974 with the foundation of the Deutsche Grid Institut. Thomas, together with his team, provides consulting services in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

To date, thousands of managers and employees have benefited from this approach and have unanimously confirmed the benefits. Thomas has been guiding leaders and teams at numerous companies and organizations to develop a productive leadership and team culture for over 20 years. The approaches used for the process are scientifically based and made for practical use. His clients include companies from a wide range of industries, such as finance, industry, retail, logistics, medical technology, automotive and IT.

Personal responsibility, a trusting atmosphere and the joy of breaking new ground are the key to sustainability and the development of potential. The focus of his work is on leadership-development, team building and coaching (digital and on-site). In the context of digitalization, clients also benefit from his expertise as an author and expert on remote Leadership 4.0.

In his spare time, Thomas enjoys sailing, also with crew. A ship’s crew is a symbol of how teams should be in a company. One person is there for the other, they stand up for each other. It doesn’t matter who is sitting next to you, what they look like, what their religion is, what their views are or what culture they come from – stand together, create synergies and ensure that ambitious goals are achieved for the good of all. That’s the message I want to convey and that’s what I take away from my work as a consultant.

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