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Board Member

Partner & Managing Director, Grid International (South Africa)

Joanne qualified as a Grid Specialist over 20 years ago and founded the Grid International South Africa Practice in 2016, providing consulting services in South Africa, SADAC and selected international locations.

Joanne joined the Grid International Board in 2020 and is an organisational effectiveness specialist and facilitator of change. As a seasoned consultant, she works with many companies across industries globally. Joanne develops and implements change within organisational culture strategies that typically facilitates a 50% + increase of productivity effectiveness in the businesses she consults to.

Joanne specialises in enabling companies and teams to achieve greater results through Change Management interventions in the areas of capacity building, culture transformation, change management, leadership and team development. She is qualified in facilitating and developing processes which enables high involvement and participation, with buy-in at all levels. Her creativity allows for graphic facilitation which is often used to maximize visual impact.

Joanne started her career in the consulting environment and later worked in the Advisory Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Joanne designed, delivered and contributed successful transformation programs for several organisations, both in the Private and Public Sector in the Southern Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa. Her specialist skills include: Change Management, Visioning, Key Account Management, Sales Development, B2B Strategy and Digital Strategy Development.

In her spare time Joanne enjoys reading, camping and the great outdoors. She enjoys family life and supporting her community with various endeavors.

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