Grid International is committed to protecting personal privacy and practices the following stringent policies:

We do not use “cookies” and do not track your individual usage of our site or record any information about you unless you specifically submit this information in a form provided on the site.

Any information you submit to us will not be disclosed to anyone unless disclosure to a licensed Grid Partner is necessary to provide you with whatever service or information you request. We do not sell any information you provide to us.

Organizational Culture Assessment: Upon using our free Organizational Culture Assessment, the results from the test are not retained by us. The automated results are only made available to you. If you do not print the results of your test before moving away from the results page, they are irretrievable. The only information connected with the Organizational Culture Assessment that is retained by Grid International is the information you supply in filling out the form to gain access to the assessment. This information may be kept in an internal database within Grid International and may be used to identify usage trends, but it is never sold or transmitted in any form to anyone outside the company or our Grid Partner network for any purpose.

Information regarding specific third parties referred to on our site (such as testimonials, quotations, and success stories/case studies) has been authorized for our publication by those third parties.

We will immediately update the posting of these policies upon any changes or revisions.

In the event that all or substantially all of the assets relating to Grid International are transferred or sold to another entity, personal information submitted to Grid International may be transferred to the acquiring entity.