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Board Member

Mike was inducted as a Grid Partner in 2020 and as a Grid International Inc. Board Member in 2021 and is currently focused on expanding the Grid International Associate and Partner Network across the globe. Based in Johannesburg, and together with his business partner Joanne Wilson provides consulting services to both private and public sectors across South Africa.
Mike is a seasoned Business Executive, with a successful track record. He has built many businesses over the course of his 37year business career.

He has had an extensive corporate career in the Information Technology & Knowledge Management Industries, having served as Managing Director of American based, Lotus Software SA in the 90ties and then as an Executive Board Member of the then JSE listed company, Unihold Limited. Following the merger with Siemens Business Solutions, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer, where he served up until 2004.

Mike then launched a Business Consulting Practice and established a Leisure Business.
His specialty is in building capacity in executive teams that accelerates business growth. His dynamic and progressive leadership approach drives growth even in the toughest markets.

In his spare time Mike enjoys his family, riding his bicycle and traveling. He is a committed Christian and enjoys using the business environment to develop individual capacity and skills to enhance the lives and communities of all the people he has the privilege of engaging with.

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