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South East Asia

Faizal was appointed as a Managing Partner in 2011 and is currently the lead for Grid International South East Asia. Its Regional Head Office was established in 1981 and is located in Malaysia covering engagements within the South East Asian region and also in Papua New Guinea.

Since beginning his career with Grid International in 2005, Faizal has designed and implemented culture change engagements for numerous organizations in both the Public and Private sector in supporting their strategic change initiatives. He has worked with individuals across all levels in organizations from various industries in ensuring the desired change is achieved. He has also coached in-organization Departmental
Heads to serve as Internal Grid Consultants to ensure culture development initiatives are sustained within the organization.

University Science Malaysia has appointed Faizal to be one of their CEOs In Residence in which he gives talks to students and lecturers on a variety of subjects related to Corporate Culture and jointly conducted research work in Organization Development. He also frequently gives talks to University Putra Malaysia and Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Faizal graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia) with a Bachelor in Business (Management) majoring in International Management and then proceeded to obtain a Master of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration. He is also currently a member of the International Society for Organizational Development (USA).

When Faizal is not engaged with clients, he enjoys frequenting the gym and is an avid runner continuously challenging his personal best time. 

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