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Robin is a retired CEO with many years experience working in the plastic packaging industry both in South Africa and internationally. During his career the industry has been through many phases and he has both built businesses and driven innovation through the rapid growth periods as well as developed a reputation as a turnaround specialist during the hard times. 

While developing strategy and business plans has been a core skill, Robin has always been very aware of the impact that the business culture has on the performance of any organisation, its people and all its stakeholders – and has therefore driven cultural change and transformation in all the businesses that he has managed.

Between 2007 and 2012 at Nampak Flexible, he first used the Grid process throughout the whole organisation, to drive the change and transformation. The turnaround in the business performance was dramatic and it won a number of awards for its performance and its standards of business excellence as well as being used as a case study by some institutions.

 “Grid was the glue that bound all our interventions together and created the multiplier effect on the business performance and the lives of our people – both at work and in the outside world. I have continued to use the Grid approach ever since as it so simple and effective. I am delighted to now be working as a partner in Grid International – sharing my experiences and helping other organisations transform their cultures, their employee satisfaction and engagement and their overall business performance.”

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