Author, Publisher and a Passion for Cooking

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SVP, Consulting Services, Grid International, Inc

Rachel joined Grid International 29 years ago and worked full time writing, testing and co-managing Grid implementations from 1992-1997 with Dr. Robert Blake. She took over the responsibility to maintain theory, design, and methodology integrity for Grid products after Dr. Blake retired in 1997.

Rachel has written and co-managed Grid interventions and train-the-trainer sessions in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, India, Kuwait, and Japan. Rachel co-authored Grid Solution Selling with Dr. Blake, and is a co-author of the current flagship text, The Power to Change, which has been translated for delivery in Thailand, Spain, Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Germany, Turkey, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Italy, Quebec, Austria, Ireland, Mexico, China, Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic. She has co-authored seven books and more than 50  programs offered by Grid today.

As senior Vice President, Consulting Services, she works as leader and editor for writing, testing, training, and implementation of all new or revised Grid materials, as well as all custom materials. She works with partners to write and publish related research articles.

She has a strong knowledge of Grid’s history, historical applications, and the methodology. She  has strong collaborative writing skills, essential for completing complex writing projects under time pressure with international contributors and co-writers. She also specializes in custom designs to accommodate client strategies.

She wrote and managed the development and implementation of Grid electronic products in 2008 including online Grid Culture Surveys, Grid 360-degree feedback, and Grid Electronic Coaching. She  is involved in current redesign of those and new online tools to address business transformation due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Rachel lives on the Texas Gulf Coast and loves to saltwater fish, cook, and her 30-year passion for designing jewelry.

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