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Getting to Candor

Candor is one of the most misunderstood words in the English language. The word comes from the Latin word meaning “whiteness, brilliance, unstained purity,” and has evolved to…

How Group Dynamics Drive Behavior and Norms

The only effective way to listen when practicing critique is to slow down, suspend reaction, and judgment, and give the person speaking your undivided attention.

Participative Management – It’s Not Just a Matter of Routine

The merits of involvement and participation for optimizing organization effort are well documented and widely accepted. Over the past two decades, participative, team-oriented management has significantly improved the…

Don’t let norms stifle creativity

If an organization’s shared attitudes and opinions are stifling creativity-the key ingredient in innovative, high-productivity companies-managers must lead the effort to change group norms.

How We Form Relationships

No two relationships are the same. Our relationships are as unique as our individual personalities. Think of the journey of your strongest relationships. Those you value most likely…

The real value of GRID ?

If you have ever missed an opportunity because a “people” problem could not be resolved, then you know the frustration. If you have ever watched crucial resources lost…